International Association of Municipal Electricians

International Association of Urban Electricians

The seventeenth annual meeting of the International Association of Municipal Electricians will be held August 26-30, 1912 at the Jefferson Hotel in Peoria, Illinois. The International Association of Municipal Electricians is made up of municipal electricians from all over the US and Canada as well as Front Cuba and South America. Its goals are to acquire experimental, statistical and scientific knowledge in relation to the construction, equipment and operation of fire brigade and police telegraphs, light, heat and energy systems as well as the dissemination of this knowledge among the association members with a view to improving the service and reducing the cost of doing so and creating and sustaining a spirit of fraternity among its members. The annual conventions, through the information in the form of papers and discussions, have proven to be a source of great benefit for the communities represented by the members of the association and for the entire country. These papers relate to matters of great concern to municipal electricians and their work, and are of the most practical kind because they are prepared by practical men. The officers of the association are: President, John W. Kelly, Jr., Chief Electrical Officer, Camden, NJ; Vice President John Craig, Superintendent Fire Alarm, Toronto, Canada; WL Riehl, Superintendent of Electricity, Indianapolis, Ind .; Secretary, Clarence George, City Electrician, Houston, Tex .; Treasurer Clark E. Diehl, Superintendent Fire and Police Telegraph, Harrisburg, PA; Chairman of the Executive Committee, WE Wolgamott, city electrician, Peoria, Ill.

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