India launches anti-dumping probe on solar panels from Vietnam

HANOI (Vietnam News / ANN): The Indian Ministry of Trade and Industry has launched an anti-dumping probe for solar cells from China, Thailand and Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).

An application for the probe was submitted by Mundra Solar PV, Jupiter Solar Power and Jupiter International through the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA). They claimed the panels from the three countries were being sold at unfairly low prices, which was causing harm to local manufacturers.

The investigation period extends from July 2019 to December 2020 for solar modules with the codes 8541.40.11 and 8541.10.12.

The Indian ministry said solar panel prices from China, Thailand and Vietnam are significantly higher than net export prices, indicating the dumping of these products in India.

Manufacturers and exporters should contact the Ministry of India to register their participation in the probe and receive a questionnaire within 30 days of the announcement of the probe.

Companies can ask the Ministry of India to extend the deadline for submitting the questionnaire.

Due to Covid-19, all information regarding the case should be emailed to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] become .

The MoIT has recommended Vietnamese manufacturers and exporters to fill out the questionnaire in good time, to stay up to date with all relevant information and to hire a legal advisor or advisor with experience in anti-dumping cases in India.

Producers have also been directed to work with their Indian partners and the MoIT for timely assistance.

A lack of cooperation could lead the Indian side to decide to impose the anti-dumping duties requested by the petitioners, the MoIT said.

Vietnamese products have less competitive advantage and may lose some or all of the market share in India if high anti-dumping duties are imposed. – Vietnam News / Asia News Network

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