IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. Hosts Nationwide Electricians Competitors on ESPN2

“As the country faces an expected shortage of over a million trade workers over the next decade, we see a growing interest from Americans in joining the trade when the country comes together to rebuild our economy,” he said Doug Sanford, Senior Vice President of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. “Craftsmen are the essential, often unsung, heroes that drive our world. This competition celebrates talent in our industry while providing a platform for these professionals to demonstrate their skills and reward them for their hard work and dedication.”

In the past few years the competition comprised more than a thousand qualification rounds with more than 60,000 participants. The 2020 championship had to be reinvented with a modified special event due to COVID-19 Chicago At the beginning of this year, this will culminate in a television invitation on ESPN2 next Sunday. Chip WadeAs an exceptional contractor for HGTV’s Curb Appeal, he acts as a moderator alongside the ESPN commentator Jason Benetti and industry expert Scott Caron, former master electrician at This Old House. Together, they will guide participants through various challenges that demonstrate both problem solving and physical skills in key categories: processing, safety, efficiency, and teamwork.

“It was exciting to see the trades” sporting “in this competition,” he said Chip Wade. “Much like Michelin-starred chefs, these are elite electricians who should be recognized for their craft, and it’s really fun to see these competitors tackle some pretty impressive projects too.”

At the 2020 IDEAL National Championship Invitational, six of the best electricians and student apprentices in the country gathered for this special invitation on television. Participants will be grouped into three teams and will take part in four challenges including a trace and cut of the trunk doors, an overhead service challenge, a gross remodel, and a wiring door code challenge.

The winning team bypasses the usual strict qualification process and receives a free, golden ticket for the IDEAL 2021 National Championship in Nashville and a chance to win their share $ 600,000 in prize money, tools, equipment and clothing. Official sponsors of the IDEAL National Championship and 2020 Invitational Contest include Rocket Mortgage, Duluth Trading, Little Giant and Discount Tire. The special will continue to be broadcast Sunday 22nd November 2020 to ESPN2 4:00 p.m. EST.

“This was the ultimate qualifying competition and it was an honor to be a part of it,” said the professional competitor. Kristen Clayton of San Francisco, CA. “My strategy was to approach this competition like any other work day. I knew I had to work hard, get the job done, and get it right.”

Stay wired to win
In addition to the IDEAL National Championship and Invitational, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. A digital series “Stay Wired to Win” to continue supporting the electronics trade during the challenging COVID-19 times. From wiring cabling online at maximum efficiency to freshening up your code skills, these online challenges are designed to keep electrical skills up-to-date and to steer the competitive spark into the 2021 IDEAL National Championship.

“Our goal is to help those who turn the lights on and make the world hum, while increasing mainstream interest in their craft,” he concluded Carmen Cardillo, General Manager, IDEAL Electrical. “We will continue to do whatever we can to honor, support, and connect with the electronics trade through special invitations on television, innovative digital competitions, and our annual IDEAL National Championship.”

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IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. Is a global, diversified, family-owned company that designs and manufactures superior products and tools for professional craftsmen in the electrical, wire processing, data communications, aerospace, automotive, and construction industries. The 104-year-old company was founded in 1916 with the motto of building ideal relationships with customers, employees and communities. The company has grown and grown steadily under four generations of family ownership.

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