Huawei Ventures Into Fish Farms, Mining Using Solar Panels, High End Technology After Dabble with Hogs

Huawei ventures into fish farms and mining with solar panels and high-end technology after engaging in pigs (
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Just six months after a heavy blow from the US against the booming smartphone business of Huawei Technologies Co., the company is now looking for less glamorous alternatives to offset the company’s largest contribution to sales.

It was recently reported that Huawei had decided to move into pig or pig farming in China, and now Huawei appears to be taking it a step further.

Huawei fish farms and mining

According to Bloomberg’s story, Huawei’s newest customers now include fish farms in east China that are reportedly twice the size of New York’s own Central Park.

The farm reportedly uses tens of thousands of solar panels fitted along with Huawei’s inverters to protect the fish from excessive sunlight while generating electricity.

About 370 miles west of popular coal-rich Shanxi Province, cameras deep underground, as well as wireless sensors, are used to monitor oxygen levels and even possible machine malfunctions in the deep mine pit, all supplied by Huawei.

The Chinese company, once one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, has since seen a slew of US sanctions that almost completely wipe out its lucrative consumer business.

Ren Zhengfei Huawei founder

With the new government still putting pressure on Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, the billionaire founder, has now decided that the company will expand its list of corporate clients in manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and a few other industries.

Huawei is now also considered the world’s leading supplier of inverters and is now betting that this revenue can be increased alongside its own cloud services and data analysis solutions in order to survive the massive business of 190,000 employees.

Ren also noted that the new initiatives could even offset the massive decline in popular cell phone business in more or less a year after the US government debacle.

However, this statement was made despite the company’s refusal to provide details. The entire consumer unit had sales of $ 39 billion in the first six months of last year 2020. That huge jump was reportedly more than half the company’s value.

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Huawei pig breeding

It also reportedly managed to achieve “marginal growth” in sales and profits over the past year.

That was reportedly thanks to record new 5G base station orders as well as solid smartphone sales in the first half of 2020.

A BBC article describes the company’s decision to move into pig farming now in order to lessen the losses it has suffered due to the complications the company has suffered with the US. The company’s approach to pig design is to use modern technology.

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