How To Solve The Nomes’ Attic Puzzle

The Nome’s Attic DLC has just been released for Little Nightmares 2. How to solve the riddle.

Little Nightmares 2 was released a couple of weeks ago, but there is already a cute and short DLC out there where you can find a new Nome friend. The additional content is called The Nome’s Loft DLCand you can play it through in the first chapter of the game when Mono and Six are exploring the attic and retrieving the key.

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After receiving the key, a little nome will sprint through the screen and head left. All you have to do is Follow itThen the DLC content begins. And while the nome tries its best to hide, you can follow this guide to solve the mini-puzzle that this nome overtakes and collects Hat name with it.

How to find the Nome hat

how to find the nome

Since this is a game made by Little Nightmares, you have to do it Solve an easy puzzle to get your prize After the nome goes to the attic, you need to get it out of hiding by:

  • Open the luggage in the room
  • Throw a shoe on the box that’s on the right
  • Open the drawer on the far left
  • Finally jump on the pillow

After you’ve done all of that, go ahead and Follow the nome past the painting resting on the wall. This new area will be pitch black, but at some point the Nome will light up a match. During this phase, the nome will follow you as you walk, so keep guiding it the right.

You will be at a point where Mono can keep moving, but the Nome has run out of shelves Slide the boxes into the room so the little guy can jump on them. Now slide the boxes back to the right until you reach the next shelf and keep going To the right.

You will reach a closed door, but the nome will open it for you (talk about teamwork, right?), Walk through the door and on the top of the table notice you there was a Nome hat.

Now, Flip the switch on the right and then back to the last room. There is light now so that you can see better. Open the lower drawer of the filing cabinet and climb onto it. All you have to do is follow the same path the nome had to get to the table where the nome hat is. Come over there and take the hat. Then just follow the nome to exit the room and return to six.

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