Home of the Week: On ranch-style property, solar panels follow the sun as the earth heats your feet

Year of construction 2004

Square feet 3,695

Bedroom 4

Baths 3 full, 1 half

Private water / sewage

Tax $ 11,705 (2021)

Here you can follow the sun and park your helicopter.

Five solar panels stand in a field near this energy-conscious home with motorized pedestals that allow them to follow the sun as it travels to heaven. The panels generate around 50 megawatt hours of electricity annually.

But solar power isn’t the only alternative source of energy in this ranch home that features elements of the Shingle and Craftsman styles. It gets its heat from the soil below and the 15.65 acres that surround it in this Worcester County town. This process generates hydronic radiant heat throughout the house in 16 separate zones. (The central AC has three.)

And if you’re looking for a natural boost of energy for yourself, the property includes a flower shed flanked by blueberry bushes that produce an estimated 60 pounds of organic fruit annually. There is also a 10 meter long greenhouse with a water connection, preparation basin, plant lamps and organic soil beds heated with radiant tubes. One more thing about this greenhouse: It is connected to the main house by an underground concrete tunnel, which guarantees access to fresh greenery in all weathers.

And now to the house. It is not visible from the street. The fenced driveway offers space for 23 vehicles and forms a circle in front of the red brick walkway. The entrance door, framed by roughly hewn stones, is reached via a peasant veranda, which is covered with an eyebrow window based on the clapboard style.

Inside, the house immediately presents itself with an open floor plan. Directly to the left is a formal dining area with a chandelier, red walls, and waist-high paneling. An irregularly shaped island separates the room from the formal living room, the centerpiece of which is a wood-burning fireplace clad in roughly hewn stone and flanked by built-in solid wood cabinets. Three windows connect this room to the outside. The flooring here and in the living room is made of concrete.

There is a pillar but no barrier between the living room and the kitchen. The latter comes from three sources – recessed and pendant lights and spacious windows – and comfort from the water heating in the concrete floor. The appliances are made of stainless steel, including the propane stove.

A large island with a sink has a black granite counter with a leather finish and seating for four. Custom-made cabinets made of naturally stained wood go from floor to ceiling and are crowned by small windows. The kitchen also offers a desk, breakfast area and a door to a winter garden with stone floor and built-in grill station.

Some owner suites offer access to a backyard terrace shared with the rest of the household, but this space is different: glass doors open to a private stone-floored conservatory and adjoining outdoor shower. The 240-square-foot bedroom includes a series of six square windows and a pair of sprawling rectangular windows. The concrete floor has radiant heat.

The en-suite bathroom contains a double vanity with a marble counter and a glass door shower with multiple shower heads and an earth-colored tile back and floor. The floor is the same heated concrete found throughout the house. There is a laundry connection in the bedroom closet. The main laundry room, which is next to the deep three-bay garage, has a cherry wood floor and a window that overlooks the front of the house. There is a third laundry hookup in the second bedroom suite of the house, a 252-square-foot space with hardwood floors. The house also offers two more bedrooms.

The main full bath has a shower / bathtub combo, concrete floor, and a single vanity that is covered with an artificial material.

The house also offers an office and a toilet.

Additional property amenities include a separate, two-story, freestanding garage with a car elevator (and enough space to park a helicopter), underground utilities, a sprinkler system, a circular hot tub, a walk-in attic, a partial basement, and a security system.

Linda Bourgeois of Coldwell Banker Realty in Westford is the stockbroker. At the time of going to press, an offer for the home had been accepted.

See more photos of the house below:

.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bad-4.Madore Photography110 Barre Road Hubbardston Conservatory.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-vanity.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-yard.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-screenporch-2.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston shower.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston antenna shed.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-screenporch.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-solar.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-solar-2.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-kitchen-dining.Madore Photography110 Barre Road Hubbardston Office.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston kitchen.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-rock-wall.Madore Photography110 Barre Road Hubbardston Wash.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-garage-2.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston garage.Madore Photography110 Barre Road Hubbardston Greenhouse.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-hot-tub.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-half-bath.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-dining-2.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston family.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-exterior-entrance.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-exterior.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-dining.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bad-3.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bedroom-3.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bedroom-2.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bedroom-4.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bad.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-bad-2.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston antenna.Madore Photography110-barre-road-hubbardston-loft.Madore Photography110 barre road hubbardston antenna side.Madore Photography

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