Google orders 120,000 photo voltaic panels for its knowledge facilities

Google has ordered 120,000 solar modules from a Croatian solar module manufacturer and plans to use them to supply two of its data centers in California with electricity

The US search and advertising giant will use panels from the only Croatian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, Solvis, in an order worth EUR 10 million (USD 12.1 million). After installation, the panels can generate more than 50 MW of electricity.

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Solvis founder and CEO Stjepan Talan told the Croatian press that the panels were developed in collaboration with Google and a Swiss partner and that the company has been developing special custom panels for the tech giant for more than two years.

“The panels are silver-colored meter for meter and 120,000 of them will cover the dome in the huge Google information center. The building is nearing completion and installation of the dome will begin soon. The air projection is beautiful. Spectacular, ”said Talan (translated).

Solvis solar modules generally have a surface area of ​​two square meters and an output of 500 W, which means that Google’s bespoke order can generate more than 50 MW of electricity once installed. The panels will be ready for delivery by the end of March.

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