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Generating Solar Leads That Are Profitable

Oct 16

Like any lead market, solar leads can also be generated in many different ways, from traditional radio or TV advertising to more modern internet marketing. But what makes solar leads special is the more advanced distribution method that now is common in the lead generation industry. This method is known as ping post. For those who are unaware of the differences between radio and TV, these are two different mediums that attempt to bring people to their broadcasts by offering them free audio content. In this case, the audio is not coming from a live person but rather a machine that imitates the voice of a local business or another type of industry expert.

A typical solar leads distribution system will include an auto-responder that automatically inserts text into a broadcasted radio or TV broadcast. The user of the system goes on the air first, just like the marketer, then creates a broadcast that is picked up by someone listening at home, school, work, or some other location. The difference is that the "picker" who receives the broadcast does not have to do anything but simply listen for a few seconds to get the meaning of the message. If the listener then chooses to buy the lead, this will happen immediately. The "picker" never even has to see or hear the sales pitch to purchase the lead.

The beauty of this sales process is that it is completely automated. There is no learning curve required on behalf of the user of the lead generation system. It also eliminates any type of sales approach training most solar energy companies might offer. Because there is no "teacher" to train, the entire sales process becomes a one-on-one sales conversation.

Now let's look at how these solar leads can benefit you today. According to the article 5 Quickest Ways To Generate Solar Leads Online, many people today are looking to go green and try alternative fuel sources to reduce their overall impact on the planet. Solar power is one way to accomplish this goal. Many people also choose to go with solar installation as well. Even if you currently only have a "bones" understanding of how the solar installation process works, if you are interested in helping the environment, and saving money in the long run, you may want to seriously consider adding solar installation as part of your long-term solar installation strategy.

For example, I recently completed the purchase of a commercial building that I will be using as an office space. When I purchased the building, I did not know anything about solar technology and the fact that many large commercial buildings are now retrofitted with modern solar technology. However, after speaking with a good friend who has many years of experience with solar technology, he indicated that the building has very low running costs, and has a very positive cash flow. He further indicated that he would recommend this particular building to anyone considering a lead generation campaign because of its high profit margin, low start-up costs, and excellent return on investment. As a result, I have decided to take full advantage of his recommendation, and have been working hard to generate solar leads.

To generate our solar leads, we generally sell our customers a complete package. This package typically includes a professional installer who can come to your business and help you install the solar panels, as well as a book on how to develop an effective marketing plan and strategy for your business. We generally then market our package using e-mail, print advertising and asking friends and family to give us their contact information. Although these methods have proven to be very effective, one of the best advantages we have discovered is using real-time leads.