Galp, Easycharger open ultra-fast charger powered by solar panels

The station is equipped with two 90 kW chargers that can be expanded to 180 kW and a 22 kW charger with a double socket.

To date, according to the company, Galp has the first ultra-fast electric charging station in Spain, some of which is powered by solar panels.

The project developed at a petrol station in Estepona (Malaga) was carried out by the Easycharger company as part of the Galp Electric mobility concept with the support of the Andalusian regional government and Nissan.

The electric charging station consists of two 90 kW chargers with CCS and Chademo sockets, which can be expanded to 180 kW, and a 22 kW charger with double socket.

The energy generated by the solar panels on the canopy with an installed capacity of 20 kWp is used to charge the vehicles using the installed chargers. However, in times of low demand for the charging service, the filling station will use this renewable energy to reduce electricity consumption.

This project is part of the strategy of the three companies and their commitment to the energy transition. The collaboration between Galp and Easycharger is part of an agreement to expand electric charging across Spain.

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