Funding still available for Highland residents to install solar panels

Funds for the installation of solar panels are still available to the inhabitants of the highlands

AEON works with the Highland Councilor and the Scottish Government to offer eligible residents in the highlands up to 100% of the cost of installing a solar PV and battery storage system on their property.

By installing solar panels in their homes, residents can generate their own clean energy to save money on their annual electricity bills and become more sustainable and off-grid.

The battery stores excess electricity that was generated during the day but not used, so homeowners can use it at night when they need it.

To benefit from the full funding available, residents currently need to heat their homes with electricity and meet the approval criteria. You don’t have to be an E.ON Energy customer to apply.

Under the current program in the highlands, eligible residents could also benefit from up to 100% of the cost of installing a first-time central heating system delivered by installing an air source heat pump on their property free cavity wall and attic insulation, as well as funding for external wall insulation.

Councilor Trish Robertson, Chair of the Council’s Economic and Infrastructure Committee and the Climate Change Working Group, said: “This is an opportunity for Highland homeowners and private rented households to receive substantial grants from the Scottish Government towards the cost of installing solar PV and battery storage. I encourage people to see if they qualify for this offer. This could help reduce fuel costs and support the Council’s long-term goal of becoming a climate neutral region by 2025. “

Nigel Dewbery, Director for Housing Solutions at E.ON., added: “We are very excited to expand our current offering in the highlands and provide local residents with the opportunity to raise funds for the cost of installing solar panels and battery storage in their homes to keep local residents more sustainable by generating their own electricity.

“At E.ON, we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of homes across the UK to help meet the UK’s net zero targets. By working with the Highland Council and the Scottish Government to bring smarter and more sustainable technologies to the highlands to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, we are further demonstrating our commitment to this area. “

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