Franklin Energy Introduces Curist™ Virtual & In-Home Energy Audit Program

We have worked with our utility customers to develop an innovative program design that will allow us to easily and effectively reach their home and income-qualified customers.

Franklin Energy, a leading provider of energy efficiency and grid optimization solutions, today announced the launch of Curist ™ – a customer-focused energy audit program that combines technology, product delivery and program implementation. Curist ™ drives participation and customer satisfaction by letting customers choose their own trip through simple, intuitive participation options.

“We spun around quickly during COVID and were able to conduct virtual audits within a few weeks,” said Eric Wall, Franklin Energy Director of Solutions. “With Curist ™ we are driving audits forward with a fully customizable customer journey. This streamlined customer experience allows users to choose their own path and reduces personal energy check time by up to 67% while avoiding program interruptions due to pandemics or other shutdowns. ”

First of its kind, Curist ™ removes traditional residential inspection barriers and optimizes the customer experience. Customers excited about the prospect of free, personalized energy saving recommendations begin with a fun and easy quiz about details about their home, preferences and lifestyle. Curist ™ offers smooth participation through a modern design that also prevents program disruptions.

“We have worked with our utility customers to develop an innovative program design that will allow us to easily and effectively reach their home and income-earning customers,” said Danielle Marquis, vice president of marketing and product strategy. “With Curist ™ we can meet the needs of today’s customers who want to interact in a variety of ways now and in the future.”

Curist ™ enables a self-service approach with a kit of energy- and water-saving products delivered to the customer’s doorstep, a virtual audit with kit delivery or a full in-home audit with direct installation. A wider range of options enables the utility company to better serve its different customer groups with different tariff classes, preferences, schedules and levels of comfort.

Further information on Curist ™ and its offers can be found at

About Franklin Energy

Franklin Energy provides turnkey energy efficiency and grid optimization programs for more than 60 utility and government partners in the United States and Canada. Our integrated in-house services offer extensive personalization and insights and help our energy partners achieve their goals for reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy productivity. The company has been in the utility industry for more than 26 years and has smart solutions implemented by over 1,100 energy professionals.

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