Fourth Wave Vitality to promote ‘full residence power makeovers’ with this photo voltaic + geothermal system

Fourth Wave Energy, a publicly traded climate solutions company, is preparing to launch GeoSolar Plus, a new clean energy smart home system that combines solar and geothermal energy in one system. By drastically reducing energy loads by upgrading the building envelope (and household appliances) and then combining solar energy with geothermal energy, residents can reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions, increase comfort, improve air quality and enjoy quiet, low-maintenance home energy System. The system is reliable, easy and inexpensive to maintain, without gas pipes, heating oil or the associated CO2 emissions.

Fourth Wave Energy is a research-led, development-phase company founded to develop scalable clean energy solutions. GeoSolar Plus is the first product from the company’s engineering team.

“Most households are prime candidates for energy improvements to reduce their carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality. Many residential HVAC systems simply circulate air and don’t bring in fresh outside air, ”said Joseph Isaacs, CEO of Fourth Wave Energy. “Since more people have stayed at home since Covid-19, there is a growing awareness of the need to improve living conditions. We see a tremendous opportunity to market a simple, turnkey solution that is packaged and delivered by a single provider and delivers results without the typical hassle of managing large-scale home improvement. “

GeoSolar Plus details consist of three basic parts:

  • There are solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for the house.
  • An in-house heat pump replaces the stove and the AC system and provides pleasant temperatures with cleaner and healthier air all year round.
  • Earth loop pipes that work quietly underground and are connected to the heat pump provide heating and cooling for the entire house – regardless of the season or climate – and thus increase the value (comfort) of the house without electricity costs.

In addition to clean energy, APS also ensures a cleaner and healthier living atmosphere. The solar panels generate enough electricity to power the house, charge the car and devices, and filter the air with electricity from the sun and earth. GSP strives to deliver net zero energy in a residential energy system with practically no carbon footprint.

GeoSolar Plus works in existing and newly built homes, but FWAV plans to aggressively market the product to existing homeowners in order to completely renovate an existing home.

The complete turnkey energy conversion system includes:

• Energy audit and environmental analysis
• Insulating and sealing the building envelope for airtightness.
• Geothermal heating and cooling system or air-to-air heat pump technology
• Heat pump for domestic hot water
• Air monitoring and filter system
• Upgrade of the LED lighting
• Solar photovoltaic system mounted on the roof
• EV car charging station

Expansion plans

The company plans to open GeoSolar Plus sales and installation offices in Colorado, Texas and California, where an aggressive sales and marketing campaign is expected to start in the fall of 2020.

“We will be the first to combine geothermal energy with solar to create a complete modern clean energy system and market it directly to homeowners,” continued Mr. Isaacs. “We believe that we have a strong competitive advantage over traditional solar distribution and installation companies because we offer a whole package, not just solar.”

The system costs around $ 39,000 after tax credits and can amortize itself with the savings on utility bills. The company believes that remodeling an existing home energy system can be completed in less than three weeks without any disruption for the homeowner.

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