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Congrats on your upcoming move (hopefully) Chris. My tuppence worth going through similarly would be not to be too hasty to pull the plug on a spot you like for a particular problem, especially if it is solvable. People are quick to do this, but if you can get the space at the right price, don’t cut your nose to piss off your face.

What you can do is get 2 or 3 quotes for the work (if the salesperson / agent can sort access to the handyman) so that you know the scope of the work. They then have the option to say that if they can share the cost, you are still happy to proceed. I would say you’re pretty pragmatic, you don’t expect everything to be perfect and you remain committed to buying the property, but your offer assumed the electrics were in decent condition, which is obviously not and require X amount of work (you can also provide the quotes). That way you don’t look like you are taking the p1ss.

If your listings suggest that it will cost £ 3k to rewire the entire place, for example (I’m not an electrician but I paid that to completely rewire my place) then maybe you could say you are dropping that want offer of this (or part of it).

It’s frustrating, but when someone who took a survey of me and immediately thought, “Damn, this is too much hassle,” you may find that the best thing to do is take a breath and actually work it through. It was for me and in general it all sounded more daunting than it actually was. All places, especially 100 years old, are likely to need at least something, and unplugging and searching again can cost more on surveys, future electrical testing, easy market change, etc. So if you’re happy with everything else (other polls are all fine, etc) and the numbers are stacking up then it may be better for the devil you know sometimes. Be sure to get quotes so you know how much you’re getting into, and it certainly doesn’t hurt if you request that the cost be shared with the seller via the selling price (I know this doesn’t necessarily mean the money for it will do the work since you are probably funding a mortgage and cash flow is a whole different matter.

As a more general point on electrics, it’s an area I wouldn’t bother with. Definitely have them sorted when you get there.

All the best with that.

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