Find out how to make your own home vitality environment friendly this winter

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – For the past week, temperatures have been in the low 30’s and with more cold weather, it’s time to warm up your home without breaking your budget.

EPB officials say there are some easy ways to save money without skimming on heat. They recommend opening the blinds during the day to allow the sun to warm your home. Use power strips to turn off appliances, check that your attic is properly insulated, and switch to LED lights

Make sure your HVAC unit is operating efficiently and change the air filter to avoid stress on your unit. Look for air leaks on your doors, windows, entrances in your attic, or closets near the plumbing. Watch your thermostat to make sure your device is not constantly running on additional heat, ”said Ron Jones, EPB Energy Auditor.

According to EPB Energy Auditor, the company has a spike detector that they can use to monitor energy usage and notify customers when their home is in use More Current than normal.

“Where we see that usage has suddenly risen to a higher value. This is the purpose of saving that customer from end of month shock by seeing how much more their usage is on their bill, ”says Jones.

The EPB wants homeowners to know that home energy use has increased during the pandemic.

“Lots of people work from home. Usually they were used to being out of the house and they could shorten their unit to save a little so they wouldn’t accumulate this usage. Everyone is at home now because you have a school at home with kids so they use more instead of less, ”says Jones.

A pandemic and freezing weather may keep viewers home this winter, but the EPB wants to help you save money and stay warm at home with a free energy audit.

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