Find out how to clear your PV photo voltaic panels utilizing these simple steps

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In general, a PV solar system is relatively low-maintenance. In places with little precipitation or wind, or with minimal inclination of the plate, dust and bird droppings can accumulate and affect the electricity generated.

Additionally, in locations near highways, highways, factories, and airports, a solar array tends to build up more dirt, oil, and grime, which affects productivity.

In fact, solar panels can lose up to 15-25% of their effectiveness over a long period of time if not properly cleaned. So it is advisable to go to your PV solar panels often and do the much needed cleaning.

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Simple steps to clean your PV solar panels

Can you clean solar panels yourself?

● Yes, but always contact your manufacturer or refer to the user manual for specific cleaning instructions for your solar PV system.

● Choose a cloudy day, early in the morning or later in the evening. PV solar panels can get incredibly hot and can be difficult to clean during the day.

What’s the best thing to do to clean solar panels?

● First, brush off any loose materials such as leaves that may have accumulated on the surface of your solar PV system.

● Only remove the dirt with a garden hose. However, do not use a high pressure water sprayer as the power can damage your PV solar panels.

● Use a long-handled windscreen wiper wrapped in a soft cloth for the hard-to-reach corners of your solar unit.

● Do not use metal or sharp tools to remove the accumulated dirt or bird droppings, as you may scratch the plate. Scratching the surface of your PV solar modules can adversely affect their performance and affect their overall life. Get something soft like a non-abrasive sponge or an old, non-soiled rag to make cleaning easier.

● Use a bucket of mild, soapy water at room temperature to tackle the toughest spots. However, try to keep the soap to a minimum.

Do you need to clean solar PV modules?

● Not always. With your solar PV system, you can also set up an automatic cleaner that works like a soft sprinkler system and cleans the solar system from time to time.

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference?

PV solar modules are the future of all of our energy needs. They are a comprehensive solution to all problems of an unsustainable energy system. So it pays to spend a few hours on maintenance and repairs once or twice a year. To make sure your solar system is running at maximum efficiency and you are getting the most out of your money, just grab a bucket and let us clean you!

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