farmers protest information: Speak of the city: With photo voltaic panels atop tractors, farmers keep cell | Delhi Information

NEW DELHI: It has been 17 days since the farmers left their families and gathered at the border with Singhu. You can only stay connected to home using cell phones. Farmers have found creative ways to charge their cell phones. Some install solar panels on their tractors, while others use their tractor’s engine power to fuel their phones.
Hardeep Singh from Karnal installed two solar panels behind his tractor. Singh, who served as a member of Nirmal Kutiya Karnal at the Langar protest site, said, “At night we need light to distribute food. The 10 of us on the team need our phones to keep in touch with our family and coordinate with the people bringing the food, ”said Singh. The two panels are sufficient for these two goals. Since Singh installed solar panels at home, it was too difficult for him to install them in Singhu.
There was no sun on Saturday and people were worried about the availability of solar energy. Not Amandeep Sandhu from Bathinda. It has three sockets in the tractor to power the engine. “Fortunately, a kind person set up this system. I didn’t come with this tractor, so I can’t bill people who want to charge their phones, ”said Sandhu. “My family members worry if I don’t call them, so I have to keep my phone charged.”
Another demonstrator also took advantage of the tractor owner’s order. “We’re far from home and the phone is the only way we can keep up to date with news from home,” he said. He was also grateful that someone had thoughtfully arranged protesters to charge their phones.
Many also go to the Kessel Grand Mall, where some groups have received permission from the builders to use the power point for the washing machines they have installed and for charging their phones.

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