Famous People Living in Mission Viejo

If you are wondering where famous people live in Mission Viejo California, you aren’t alone. This is a common question among visitors to the area. Of course, there are a wide variety of reasons why these people choose to live in this special community in southern California. However, if you want to find out, here are some interesting places to check out.


One of the most famous residents of Mission Viejo is none other than former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Her residence overlooks Pacific Ocean Beach and is home to two very well-loved sculptures. Her home is also near the beach so you can enjoy a lovely day by the water without having to head out on to the public beach. Also, her house is not far from shopping, nightlife and sporting events, including the famous Mission Boulevard. She has also made friends with other famous people like tennis star Sharapova and supermodel Elle Macpherson.


The area also boasts plenty of other well-known residents. Tourists love to live next door to Keanu Reeves because his home is on Hilton Head Island. The beach at the island is the perfect place to go surfing, boating or just relax on a day off. Its north coast has some beautiful, easy-to-get-to white sand beaches. For those who live on the south shore, they get beautiful ocean views from their beach houses.


Keanu loves the outdoors, so he does a lot of hiking and biking. In fact, he recently started a bike path that will connect his home to a trail that runs along the bluff top. Another popular hiking spot is in Pine Valley. It has a small grove of large trees with trails that lead into the forest. Other notable hiking spots are Heartbreak Station and Tunnel Mountain.


There’s also one other famous resident of the town: Keanu Reeves. The actor, known for his action roles, such as The Replacements and Bodyguard, lives on Oak Street. It’s just a few blocks from Reeves’ home on Hilton Head. There are many sites and activities on Oak Street that lead to his own personal gym, called “The Ritz Carlton.” His own vineyard also sits on the peninsula. It’s a natural hot spot for the actor, who loves to sit out on the terrace and enjoy a glass of red wine.


Keanu’s son Sam has also opened up an outdoor adventure store on Hilton Head Island called “Sharkies.” The store sells kayaks, canoes, surfboards and anything else related to the outdoors. Keanu’s daughter Harley owns the company that owns Sharkies, and it was founded by her former husband, Hal Reeves, and his son Sam.


Besides Reeves, there is also another well-known resident of Mission Viejo. His name is Hulk Hogan. He owns the site ” Hogan’s World,” which features other local celebrities. He also lives on Oak Street Beach. Hogan’s World consists of two buildings; a four-story building with the theater on the first floor, and a ground-level restaurant with a fitness center on the second floor. The theater can be seen during the summer, while the fitness center can be enjoyed year-round.


Of course, some celebrities also live in Mission Viejo, including football great Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus recently purchased a home on Hilton Head Island. He is not related to anyone else in the area, and does not live on the beach. He also owns several golf courses around the area, including one in Jupiter, Fl.


John Travolta is another resident of Mission Viejo. He has a home on oceanfront property, which he uses as a golf resort. John is not related to anyone else in the area. He also has an estate in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


There are many more famous people who live in Mission Viejo, as well as many other famous people who visit the area on a regular basis. These include actors like Drew Barrymore, who is active in local charities and is married to a local judge. Brad Pitt is a resident, as well as surfers like his best friend, Nicole Kidman. Chris Evans is also a frequent visitor, although he resides in Beverly Hills. In fact, he recently purchased a home in Jupiter, Florida, which he uses as a golf resort.


You can see why Mission Viejo is a popular choice for celebrities who want to live in the beautiful environment that is so close to their California homes. The beach is world famous, and there are plenty of activities in which to indulge. Besides surfing, you can scuba dive or snorkel, depending upon your preferences. There are even boating and fishing trips available.


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