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SURAT: A small owner of a technical workshop, Rohit Kareliya, in the indescribable village of Kholvad in Kamrej Taluka, has designed a 360-degree ceiling fan based on the principle of the gyroscope. The 45-year-old resident of Kamrej Taluka has applied for an international patent under the Patent Cooperation Agreement (PCT) to protect his invention.
Rohit, a Grade VII dropout from Jamnagar, has been working on the rotating ceiling fan for six months. During the lockdown, he used his closed factory on Kholdvad Road to complete his invention.

This ceiling fan works on the principle of gyratory motion and precession, with a spinning wheel mounted on a base so that its axis can rotate freely in one or more directions to maintain its orientation regardless of movement of the base.
“I used to employ 20 workers in my small factory with around 10 ceiling fans and five pedestal fans. Since our work is tedious, the ceiling and pedestal fans did not provide the necessary cooling effect or air circulation. It was then that I decided to invent a ceiling fan that could be rotated 360 degrees, ”says Rohit, who is unmarried and lives with his parents about 30 km from the city.
Anil Saraogi, registered patent attorney who applied for the international patent on behalf of Rohit, told TOI: “It took me three months to study Rohit’s invention. While doing research, I came across a lecture by a professor at Standford University on the gyro principle. So it became clear to me and I took up his patent case. ”
Saraogi added, “This could be the world’s first 360 degree ceiling fan that works without a motor or external power for the revolution. It distributes the air throughout the room. ”
According to Rohit, the cost of manufacturing the rotating ceiling fan is around 4,000 rupees. Once the international patent is approved, he plans to start commercial production at his Kholvad facility.
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