Evergy pulls the plug on plan for photo voltaic panels at new KCI storage as a result of glare downside | FOX four Kansas Metropolis WDAF-TV

KANSAS CITY, MO. – Putting solar panels on a garage as part of the new Kansas City International Airport seemed like a good idea. Maybe too bright as plans have been closed.

Evergy Inc. had to drop plans to install a 5-megawatt array in a new garage at the airport due to possible glare problems, reports Energy News Network. Utilities say they’re looking for a new location at the airport that’s currently under renovation for $ 1.5 billion.

Solar panels have appeared in airports in recent years, but airport managers must demonstrate that the projects do not cause glare, which could become a problem for air traffic controllers or pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration is required to approve solar projects and has published extensive material on potential problems and workarounds for airport solar projects.

For more information on solar at KCI, see the Kansas City Business Journal.

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