Electricians urged to be heard forward of regulation plans

An MSP has asked electricians to hear their voices before a bill recognizing electricians as regulated professions that would give Scotland around £ 58 million.

Jamie Halcro Johnston, shadow spokesman for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Education and Science Party, is proposing the bill to protect the public.

The MSP for the Highlands and Islands has stated that regulating the electrical industry in Scotland would help reduce death and injury while delivering economic benefits.

The bill would be the culmination of a long-running campaign by SELECT and other industry associations, but it urges electricians to hear their voices before the parliamentary consultation ends on November 10th.

Select has welcomed the call for electricians to have their voices heard. Picture supplied

A major 2018 survey found that 7.1% of all fires in Scotland were caused by faulty electrical systems and that property damage caused by these fires was on the order of £ 9.6 million.

Mr. Halcro Johnston said: “I urge all electricians and industry related persons in Scotland to have a say in the consultation process, not only to highlight the benefits of regulation, but also to take the opportunity to highlight the effects of faulty electrical work by the unskilled People carried out. “

Mr Halcro Johnston said his bill had bipartisan support in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament, with individual members from all parties showing their support for regulation.

He said, “I think there is a general appreciation that this has to be done and that it is a good thing. I am confident that this will be achieved at the next session of Parliament, which will be a fantastic achievement for both the sector and consumers. “

SELECT, who has led the struggle for regulation for several years, welcomed the latest update from Mr. Halcro Johnston.

Alan Wilson, General Manager of SELECT, said, “We thank Mr. Halcro Johnston for giving all SELECT members and others an insight into the clear progress being made in getting his bill into the code.

“At the moment, anyone can claim to be an electrician and work on an electrical system. It cannot be right that those who have completed full training and work safely and competently in the industry can be affected by those who call themselves electricians but have no or poor qualifications.

“Our research suggests that Scotland benefits from proper regulation of electricians worth around £ 58m, including the benefits of higher electrical standards such as fewer injuries and deaths, better functioning installations, less need for recall or poor / unsafe work to fix what leads to improved customer satisfaction. “

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