Electricians turned dacoits who gave Cyberabad police a run arrested, supplies value Rs. 55L seized

Hyderabad: Nine dacoits who had committed a number of dacoities and property crimes within the boundaries of the Cyberabad Commissionerate were arrested and Rs’ worth of goods and firearms were stolen. 55 lakhs were confiscated from them.

On the night of January 12, Dundigal police, assisted by the Cyberabad team and police from Medchal, SOT Balanagar and SOT Shamshabad stations, arrested the nine accused. Two people who received the stolen goods were also arrested.

The arrested persons were identified as Pradeep Kushwaha (27), Kuldeep (23), Madhav (29), Dharmender Singh (32), Nihal Singh (22), Shailendra Singh (22), Sanjay (21) and Dharmendra Kumar (26) ), Satybhan Singh (23), Manish Kumar (25) and Govula Vijay Kumar (35). Six of them are from Rajasthan, four from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and one from Ranga Reddy district.

According to the police, all of the defendants work as electricians. They had previously worked in Delhi, where they met. In 2019 they came to Hyderabad to work in newly constructed buildings. They used to steal materials from workplaces and had stolen and sold bundles of wire from DE Company in June. Then they returned to their homeland.

On January 6, the gang members returned to Hyderabad on the instructions of gang leader Pradeep Kushwaha. According to their plan, under the guise of job-hunting on construction sites, they carried out a survey of surrounding areas such as Shankerpally, Mokila, Kondakal, Narsing, Mallampet and RC Puram. Later, at night, they returned to the construction sites with pistols, sticks and ropes. They threatened the security forces, tied them up with ropes and stole material. Then they sold the stolen goods to electronics stores and scrap dealers in Kondapur.

On January 10th, Rangappagari Kumar Goud, 22, who worked as a security officer at the Praneeth Pranav Leaf villas in Mallampet, filed a complaint alleging that he had the security guards Pavan on the night of January 9-10 Kumar and Anand found tied with ropes. Unknown persons attacked the guards and stole Rs’ worth of materials. 24 lakhs. The complainant also stated that he could identify the accused. One case was recorded at the Dundigal Police Station.

On Wednesday, police arrested nine people involved in the Dacoity and two people who received the stolen goods.

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