Electricians praised after creating payslip for boy, 5, who wanted to help out

Single-family home electricians were recognized for their heartwarming gesture after preparing a payroll for a five-year-old boy who “followed them with constant offers of help.”

Mother Laura-Nicole Anderson shared a post on Twitter saying her little boy Theo was “torn to pieces” with his first salary package and said it “filled her heart with so much joy”.

An image of the payroll created and printed out by employees at Hull-based Seytons Electrical went viral and garnered more than 120,000 likes after being widely shared on social media.

Laura-Nicole wrote: “The sweetest act of kindness the electricians have that Theo followed with questions, kindness and constant offers of help during their work. Thank you Seytons Electrical, you made his day !!”

They paid Theo £ 15 and broke all of his earnings

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The March 26 payroll listed the employee’s name as Theo and gave a full breakdown of how he earned his £ 15 wage, which they put in cash in an envelope.

It reads: ‘For performing the following tasks: measuring items – £ 1.50, counting and adding the number of sockets – £ 1.50, catering (tasty cookies) – £ 1.50, excellent volunteering – £ 1, 50, Quality Assurance (many questions ask) – £ 9. ‘

After the post was flooded with comments, Laura-Nicole joked that it was a good job for the electricians to work with an audience, adding, “Someone I know said Theo showed such gracious kindness and kindness found his way back to him! I thought it was so nicely put. “

One person replied and said, “This is our friend’s business, you just told us about it last night and today it went crazy! They are really nice guys and they deserve all the credit they get for it. Well done guys. “”

A second wrote, “What a nice thing and your son will remember his first job for life, too, what wonderful company to do that. I hope you get a lot of work because of your kindness.”

And another added, “I remember when I was 6 or 7, 6 in the morning every week, I went out and helped the garbage collectors in front of the school, no doubt they gave me 50p each. I’m 24 now and remember me like it was yesterday, little things like that will stay with him for a lifetime. “

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