Electricians, plumbers unhappy as e-pass website crashes


Balaji S, an electrician from Adyar, described his ordeal and said he spent three to four hours trying to get the passport. “At first there was a delay in generating OTP, then the documents weren’t uploading, and finally the site itself didn’t work. We were forced to cancel the work scheduled for Monday because we did not receive an e-passport, ”he said.

Some who decided to leave without a passport were caught and sent home by police.

Vedhan Giri from Nungambakkam was part of a group of six plumbers who tried to apply for an e-passport on Sunday evening. But even after it was possible to provide all the details and upload documents, the website showed an error message. “We got calls from customers all the time. So two plumbers went to do some urgent work even though they didn’t have ID. But they were caught and sent back by the police. As a result, we were forced to cancel all work until we received e-passports, ”said Vedhan.

Meanwhile, many electrical and plumbing stores in the city have remained closed due to labor shortages who have been unable to return from their hometowns due to the lockdown.

“The two electricians and two plumbers in our store went to their hometowns when the lockdown was announced in May because they had no income. Although the government announced easing, which included our work, workers cannot return due to a lack of transportation. We are waiting for the lockdown to end and reopen, ”said Bharath S, who runs an electrical and plumbing shop in Madhavaram.

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