Electricians Pay Boy ‘Wage’ After Working In His House For Six Weeks

When little Theo found out that he would have electricians in his house doing the work, he was full of excitement.

The five year old from Hull, UK, spent six weeks with the staff at Seytons Electrical asking questions, offering them refreshments and helping with counting the electrical outlets in each room. For all his best efforts, he still couldn’t believe it when he received a £ 15 ($ 20) paycheck.

Theo’s mother, Laura-Nicole Anderson, 34, stated that her little boy was gutted when the workers left but speechless with his earnings.

Speaking to LADbible, Laura-Nicole said: “The first thing he said after ‘thank you’ was that he was happy when he went to buy his brother an Easter egg.” Theo’s generosity needs to be bottled.

Laura-Nicole, a content writer and creator, continued, “From the moment they arrived to check all the outlets that he was obsessed with, constant offers to help, they asked if they wanted refreshments , and asked them what they were doing at each step of the way.

“It turned out to be a bigger job than expected and had to do some work on the shower and put more electrical outlets on the property so they had to schedule a few more visits.

“When they signed up to schedule a time, I thought there was no chance that I would take Theo to school while they were here. He ran home from school that day as he just wasn’t expecting it could see them! Jobs to do! “

Theo with his first payroll. Image Credit: LADbible

She continued, “Theo helped count the outlets in each room and assign them over time. Then he turned off all the outlets (the power was off and the electrician gave him the electrical safety lecture).

“He made them refreshments, forced cookies on them and insisted that they give him more work. Every question he asked they answered with such kindness and really made time for him, even though they were very busy.

“I can’t thank them enough, they made Theo so happy when they were here. They always made time for him and dealt with whatever he asked about (he asked a lot of questions). We never had Workers before that was. ” friendly and attentive to Theo.

“He hasn’t had anyone in his house during the whole pandemic, so he just couldn’t get enough when they came.”

Image Credit: LADbibleImage Credit: LADbible

Laura concluded, “Such kind actions are more important now than ever. I try to show Theo kindness and teach him this from an early age, and that’s what he’s done here with the electricians.

“This kindness found its way back to him and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s honestly the nicest gesture that we really didn’t expect!

“It reminds you that there are good people in the world and that these two guys are brilliant examples of that. I think people had to see that there are still good people in the world, I know that I really do have done.”

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