Electricians’ kind gesture for kid who kept offering them help wins hearts

A tweet posted by the child’s mother is sure to make you smile.

PUBLISHED MARCH 30, 2021 3:06 PM

Children can be very curious about new things that happen around them. They often don’t refrain from asking too many questions and sometimes even try to copy the actions they see. That was also the case with this little boy who had several electricians in his house. The boy named Theo asked questions and even tried to help the electricians with their work. It’s what the electricians did after a job well done that convinces people.

Mother Laura-Nicole Anderson went to Twitter to share the incident. “The sweetest act of kindness from the electricians that Theo followed with questions, kindness and constant offer of help while they were working … Thank you Seytons Electrical, you made his day!” she tweeted.

Your post contains a picture of a tiny pay slip that confirms little Theo’s work. The note clearly states the name of the employee, i.e. Theo, and lists things like “measuring objects”, “catering (delicious cookies)” and “quality assurance (asking lots of questions)”. The picture also shows the money Theo earned for his great work.

Check out the entire stock below:

The electrician’s sweetest act of kindness that Theo followed with questions, kindness and constant offer of help while they were working. Thank you Seytons Electrical, you made his day! pic.twitter.com/t7jvcadGsO

– Laura-Nicole Anderson (@ LauraNicoleAnd2) March 28, 2021

The tweet shared on March 28 hit many. People posted several encouraging reactions to the tweet, with some sharing their own similar experiences.

This is so beautiful I bet he loved it! Reminds me that I always followed my grandpa when I was little and he did DIY and he let me do a little bit, always wanted to be a mini version, he died last week. The story only reminded me of him.

– Sal (@ DarkDestroyer82) March 29, 2021

This is so great. I remember once offering to help an uncle plant seeds for the greenhouse. He said he would give me 1 pound for every tray I finished in the pub. When he came back I had made all 10 trays. He gave me £ 10 and was disappointed as that was a week’s beer money

– Alan Haynes (@ Alfonz1204) March 29, 2021

Such positive recognition of Theo’s contribution all works two ways … Seytons employ kind, thoughtful people

– ADHD + PERTH (@adhdperth) March 28, 2021

What a nice thing and your son will remember his first job of life too, what wonderful company to do that too. I hope they get a lot of work because of their kindness.

– Susan Crichton (@ crichton1720) March 29, 2021

Another tweet mentioning the special gesture also went viral, garnering over 1.5 lakh likes and thousands of reactions from Tweeple.

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