Dwelling Vitality Assessments now accessible for BIPCo clients

The following was submitted by the President of the Block Island Utility District, Jeffery Wright:

Energy New England (ENE) has announced that it will offer home energy assessments to both residential and small business customers of the Block Island Utility District (BIUD). The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) has allocated $ 180,000 of proceeds from the renewable greenhouse gas initiative to support the initial development and growth of the ENE efficiency program.

The program is scheduled to start on Sunday November 1st. In addition to energy audits for private households and commercial purposes, BIUD also offers private and commercial customers discounts and incentives. For information on incentives and discounts, please visit the BIUD website at https://blockislandpowercompany.com/.

“The Block Island Utility District is delighted to finally be able to offer its customers / members an efficiency plan,” said Jeffery Wight, President of the Utility District. “We have worked hard, with the help of the RI Office of Energy Resources, to develop and fund this program with no impact on overall rates, and we encourage everyone to participate so that they can better control their overall energy costs.”

“Energy efficiency is a basic requirement for our future and economy for clean energy. These low-cost investments help local households and businesses manage their energy use and cut electricity bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the green economy grow, ”said State Energy Commissioner Nicholas Ucci. “Today’s announcement builds on a multi-year collaboration between OER and BIUD to expand energy efficiency programs and incentives across New Shoreham. We look forward to helping BIUD and the city provide clean, affordable and reliable energy solutions for this important community. “

Customers can choose to have an in-home or remote assessment performed virtually using video technology. In-home assessments reduce the time the assessor spends in-house. ENE will contact customers directly by phone to review the report and recommendations and prioritize a short and long term savings plan.

Customers who complete reviews will receive energy-saving items such as LED lights, smart power strips, and water-saving devices installed at the time of the review. Energy saving kits will be delivered at a later date for customers who choose to have a remote video review.

Customers can make an appointment by calling (888) 772-4242 or on ENE’s energy efficiency website at www.ee.ene.org.

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