During corona curfew, rooftop solar panels produce electricity worth Rs 4 cr

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): As the sun shines longer in the summer, solar panels installed on the terraces of nearly 1,700 buildings produced around Rs.4 billion worth of electricity in districts of the Madhya Pradesh Power Distribution Company during curfew.

In summer, the sun sets after about 12 to 13 hours of glowing, increasing the period of power generation by the solar panel system.

Cities like Indore, Ujjain, Mhow, Pithampur, Dewas and Ratlam have nearly 1,700 solar panels installed on the roof, making electricity worth Rs.4 billion in the market, West Discom said.

The maximum number of rooftop solar panels in the state installed in the region falls under West Discom.

During curfew in Corona, around 35 lakh units of power from the rooftop solar system in Indore City and 5.5 lakh units of power from the rooftop solar system across the region were generated across the West Discom region.

The highest production in the city was from solar panels at MY Hospital, Mental Patient Hospital, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government Arts & Commerce College. These three buildings each produced around 25,000 units in the last month and a half.

Waste disposal station roof systems have also produced more than 50,000 units of electricity. The roof systems of 1,100 houses and bungalows produced an average of 300 to 800 units of electricity. In these, electricity from the roofs of houses, shops, offices, factories, government and private offices is processed daily by solar panels. The smart people of Indore are more interested in solar energy on the roof and this is why electricity is generated this way in all zones of the electricity company.

During the monsoons and winter seasons, solar energy production decreases by 40 percent. In cloudy weather and during the winter season, the average sun only shines 9 to 9½ hours, so solar energy production decreases.

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