DRD to put in photo voltaic panels on 50 km route

The Dhanbad Railway Division (DRD) is installing solar modules on the 50 km route of the upcoming 160 km / h section of the New Delhi – Howrah line, which falls under the department.

Asish Bansal, head of the railway department (DRM), told media representatives on Monday evening that after the route was upgraded, the travel time between the above would be possible in 12 hours.

The solar panels would help save electricity as they would be made available to the division through existing grids, he added. He said the division now operates all of its trains, both freight and passengers, on electric locomotives. This saves enormous amounts of diesel and can also shorten engine change times across the division.

At the same time, all manned level crossings on these tracks would be closed and replaced by underground trains or bridges. This year, 16 manned level crossings would be closed with the deployment of a new facility, the DRM said.

In response to a request from the DRM, the division replied that it was diversifying its loading facilities by loading, among other minerals, red mud and paddy-fky ash, to help keep its revenues.

The decision to diversify was made in light of the government’s new policy not to build new thermal power plants in the country that would affect coal loading in the coming future, the DRM said.

He also gave details of upcoming projects to develop various train stations and improve the ticketing system by making ATMs available at various train stations with heavy passenger traffic, mainly in Dhanbad, Koderma, Daltonngunj and others.

The irrigation system for passenger trains has been improved with the installation of a new irrigation system that can refill full rack trains with water in ten minutes, according to DRM.

ADRM Asish Kumar and senior DCM AK Pandey were also present at the press conference.

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