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During this time of COVID-19 quarantine, Cape Light Compact (CLC) has developed a new approach to get an energy rating of your home. A new initiative led by CLC residential real estate program manager Briana Kane offers a virtual household energy audit. Working hand-in-hand with an energy analyst and using one of the many video conferencing options online can help you evaluate the steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

The aim is to guide you through a process to increase your energy efficiency. Either way, it works. The assessment creates a list of steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient, including a bespoke energy report that is specific to your home and energy saving products that will be recommended during your assessment, such as:

  • ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs;
  • Extended socket strips;
  • Low flow shower heads;
  • Faucet aerators;
  • Efficient thermostats;
  • Limited time offer for 100 percent discount on approved insulation improvements;
  • Free Targeted Airtightness;
  • Generous discounts of up to $ 2,750 for qualifying energy efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems;
  • The ability to apply for 0 percent HEAT loan finance for eligible upgrades.
  • It doesn’t cost you a dime to get the review or do all sorts of things that are required for your home.

To sign up for a virtual energy assessment, call 800-797-6699. This conversation will ask you basic questions about your home, such as: B. Age of the house, size, type of heat, etc. From this call another call will be set up where one of the specialists will discuss the type of video conferencing that is available to you. This can include Skype, Go To, Zoom, or others. With this tool you will be guided through your home under the guidance of the specialist and can visualize the current status of the energy-efficient systems in your house. Where is there insulation? Where is the insulation missing?

Later, when the quarantine restrictions are lifted, CLC will come to your home for a blower door test and a final on-site review with you. A blower door test involves putting a large tarpaulin in your door that holds a very large fan. All exterior windows and doors are closed and the fan is on. This determines the amount of air flowing through your home from windows, attics, etc. This process is repeated after the measures have been completed.

You can then register with your own contractor or a contractor recommended by CLC for the measures that you want to implement. This work can begin after the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. There are also instant savings measures that can be offered right away if you want. CLC can ship products and you can install them.

This program is supported by Sandwich CAN and Youth CAN (Climate Action Network). Sandwich’s Nico Gentile, who works with Youth CAN, encourages all teenagers who are concerned about climate change to involve their families in this process.

Usually we’re all so busy; There is no time to do that.

Forge the iron while it’s hot. It will save you money and add a new kind of comfort to your home. We all need that nowadays.

Ms. Holt is a building, energy management and solar expert with more than three decades of experience. She lives in sandwich.

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