Deserted kittens rescued from attic

According to the Arizona Humane Society, kittens were abandoned by the mother cat.

PHOENIX – There was a very unusual find in an attic in Phoenix that was caught on camera.

Four kittens were reportedly left in an attic by their mother. The Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians (EAMTS) have taken action to save the little ones.

EAMT Andy Gallo used a ladder to reach an area where he could cut an opening to save the kittens. But as you can see in the video above, they were still out of reach.

And that’s not all. The rescue was made even more difficult as the kittens buried themselves in the narrow space. One of the kittens had also wiggled into a loose pipe. In total, it took over an hour and a half to get them all out.

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The AZ Humane Society says this time of year is kitten season. And they want you to know if you can find a litter of kittens outdoors. Wait and see if her mother comes back.

The Humane Society says it is not uncommon for mother cats to hide their litter while they forage for food. AHS has more information for you on what to do if they find a litter here.

The kittens are around five weeks old. The three boys and one girl are now in a nursing home for a few weeks until they are the right age and weight to be neutered and neutered.

If you would like to adopt one of the kittens, you will need to book adoption dates through the AZ Humane Society’s Virtual Adoption Matchmaker program. Appointments are booked out for several weeks.

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