Dad and mom fear after man discovered residing in HealthPark day care attic in Lee County

Lee County

A North Fort Myers man is in jail after being caught at a daycare center while children were inside. A surveillance camera caught him from the middle.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested Isiah Jones. LCSO said he broke into the daycare at the HealthPark Child Development Center in southern Fort Myers in early August.

James Cox’s two daughters are everything to him, but he can’t be with them all day every day. Like many fathers and mothers, he sends them to the day care center in the HealthPark.

“With my wife, who works in the hospital, we really trusted her and taught her to the kids,” said Cox.

However, that confidence is shaken by a recent slump.

“It just makes you think twice about security,” said Cox.

According to the LCSO, Jones climbed over a fence, broke into the daycare center, and made it home. The report suggests that Jones turned the attic into a makeshift room with a foam mat and fan.

Investigators say this surveillance picture shows Isiah Jones at the HealthPark day care center. Credit: via the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have a lot of unanswered questions,” said Cox.

He wants to know how that can happen and go unnoticed for a week.

“As a parent, you’re just a little worried,” said Cox. “Like, what was that person doing there for six, seven days?”

Lee Health was taking the children to Golisano Children’s Hospital when management discovered there was an intruder, but parents told us no one explained why.

Cox said he wants the hospital to be more transparent and that they make sure this doesn’t happen again

“These are just things we go to bed about every night and think about now,” said Cox.

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