Council scheme opens to assist householders to put in photo voltaic panels

This is part of the district council’s commitment to combating climate change and one of three energy initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

The agency has partnered with iChoosr Ltd to offer the Solar Together Hampshire to homeowners and non-domestic small and medium-sized businesses.

Former Winchester City Councilor Cllr Jan Warwick said, “The goal of establishing Solar Together Hampshire is to ensure residents are confident that they are getting the right price for a quality solar photovoltaic (PV) system from pre-screened Installers pay.

“People interested in installing solar panels in their homes to save energy bills, increase their grid independence and reduce their carbon footprint will encourage local renewable energy production in Hampshire and help us achieve our goals until To be climate neutral by 2050. ”

Residents can now register and those who have already installed solar panels can apply for battery storage to maximize the benefits of their system.

Cllr Rob Humby said, “The Hampshire Climate Change Strategy has been developed using a solid evidence-based approach to ensure we are focused on the right areas and issues. In Hampshire we know that around 24% of all carbon emissions come from home ownership. The more we can help people reduce this, the better. ”

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