Corruption behind the abolishment of PUCSL, SL Electricians’ Affiliation allege

COLOMBO (New 1st): The Sri Lanka Electricians’ Association announced on Saturday (19th) the forces influencing authorities to abolish the Public Utilities Commission.

The president’s secretary has requested the abolition of the PUCSL, according to Sanjeewa Dhammika, the convenor of the
Sri Lanka Electricians’ Association.

Today he crippled the PUCSL. Does this secretary have the right to do so? Does the minister know nothing about it? There’s a mafia on the Ceylon Electricity Board. The CEB Engineers’ Association is part of it. These people are coordinating their efforts to cripple this system, ”he accused.

In 2019 alone, the PUCSL had enabled the country to save up to 400 billion rupees by halting premature power purchases and dubious power generation projects, Dhammika said.

The Workers’ Association of the Public Utilities Commission rejected claims by some parties that it had delayed the implementation of power generation plans in the country.

A statement by the Union described the allegations as unfounded and false.

According to the press release, the Ceylon Electricity Board has applied for PUCSL approval for three large 300 MW power plants in 2016-2020 as part of the long-term low-cost power generation plans. However, the union claims that although approval had been given for these projects, which would largely benefit the public, the CEB had delayed these projects for many years.

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