Convicted Assassin Suspected In New Incident Hid In Wareham Attic Earlier than Arrest – CBS Boston

WAREHAM (CBS) – Chelsea’s Gino Gaillardetz, a 56-year-old convicted murder investigated into a crime recently investigated in the Boston area, was arrested Tuesday evening in Wareham after police surrounded a house he himself was in hidden in an attic.

At around 8:40 p.m., the officer replied to a house on Mason Street Extension in Onset. Police had received information that Gaillardetz said he would not be returned to prison after being investigated on a recent crime.

Gino Gaillardetz was arrested on December 22nd. (Photo credit: Wareham Police Department)

Massachusetts probation officers received an arrest warrant and approached the house with members of the Wareham Police Department. Authorities said when the house was searched, it became clear that Gaillardetz was hiding in an attic.

Officials surrounded the house after being unable to safely enter the attic area.

A SWAT team later joined the first team of officers, along with off-duty Wareham officers, the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, the state police and a command unit from the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council.

Police from several units surrounded the house where Gino Gaillardetz lived. (Photo credit: Wareham Police Department)

Around 10 p.m. Gaillardetz tried to escape by hitting the roof fan. After the suspect was asked to surrender by Wareham Police Chief John Walcek, the suspect went into the kitchen and was taken into custody.

Gaillardetz was arrested and left Onset’s house. (Photo credit: Wareham Police Department)

“This potentially dangerous situation with a convicted murderer was safely resolved through the professionalism and collaboration of multiple law enforcement agencies,” said Chief Walcek. “This has been a team effort and our off-duty lieutenants, sergeants, officers, detectives, and teenage detectives who responded from home to help are typical of the WPD staff’s engagement.”

Gaillardetz was later taken to the Wareham Police Station before being released into the care of probation officers. The SWAT team found no other suspects or weapons in the onset house.

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