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A house is everyone’s most valuable possession. But this is also a common troublemaker. Therefore it has to be serviced again and again.

However, it is often difficult for many people to find a specialist in maintenance unless they know the specialist personally. But not anymore, at least in the case of Kathmandu! There are already many startups that have started offering maintenance services such as plumbing and power repairs in the city. Best of all, they are available online.

Would you like to get to know these companies? Here are some of them:

1. Skill Rental

Photo: Screengrab from Skill Sewa’s website

Skill Sewa is a startup that thoroughly inspects a building, lists all potential problems such as installation and electricity problems, seepage, leakage or structural vulnerabilities, and then maintains or renovates them in a qualified technical manner.

You can just give them a call and get in-house service from that company.

2. Sajilo Marmat Sewa

Photo: Screengrab from Sajilo Marmat Sewa’s website

Another company that can solve your home and commercial building problems from a single source is Sajilo Marmat Sewa. This company provides equipment maintenance, carpentry, electrical maintenance, plumbing, air conditioning maintenance and much more from experienced technicians.

To get the service, you can simply choose the services you need, choose the day and time, and provide the details necessary to reach your home. After that, this company will connect you with the appropriate professional according to your requirements. And you can pay after your job is done.

3. Khoj Sewa

Photo: Screengrab from Khoj Sewa’s website

Khoj Sewa is a platform that connects people who are looking for services from professionals and professionals. This company will help you find the right professionals to solve your problems cheaply and quickly with reasonable security.

The service seekers can get carpentry, plumbing, building maintenance, electrical services and many others from this platform. You simply have to register on this platform and publish the services you need there. And the registered service providers or specialists send the offer of service providers in the advertised positions / services, can contact them directly and work accordingly.

4. Sajilo Mistri

Photo: Sajilo Mistri’s Facebook page

Sajilo Mistri also offers in-home services for people looking for skilled craftsmen for new or old house construction and maintenance.

Their services include plumbing, electrical services, painting, household appliance maintenance, and other construction services.

5. Plumber Nepal

Photo: Facebook page of Plumbers Nepal

Plumbers Nepal is a company mainly focused on providing quick plumbing services. This company also offers other internal services.

Services include the new kitchen, toilet, bathroom fixtures, new house pipe installation, gas geyser facility, solar repairs, emergency repairs, boilers and radiators, leak repair and all services related to plumbing.

6. Sajilo Services

Photo: Sajilo Services Facebook page

Sajilo Services is a company for maintenance and repair solutions from a single source.

Here customers will find a range of artisans such as electricians, plumbers, joiners and painters, all of whom can provide maintenance and repair services in their own homes or offices at reasonable prices.

7. DharaBijuli

Photo: Dharabijuli Services Facebook page

Another startup on this list is DharaBijuli. The services include the maintenance and installation of electrical and plumbing installations as well as plumbing work.

This company also offers its customers in-home services and mobilizes a team of engineers and technicians.

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