Common photo voltaic panels VS the Tesla Photo voltaic Roof tiles — how does the value examine with roofing prices?

When Tesla introduced Version 3 of the Tesla solar roof in October 2019, it received a lot of attention.

You spent a lot of time and effort refining the installation process. to make the installation faster and cheaper. Such as larger tiles to increase efficiency and manufacturing cost, and cut the number of parts required for an installation by half.

In the end, the total cost of installing a Tesla solar roof could be reduced by around 40 percent.

But not much has been said about it since that announcement. We have seen some customers share their experiences online, but we still know very little about what it was like to install them. So speaking to a roofing company that does just that can shed some light on the matter.

Eric Weddle of Weddle & Sons Roofing, Colorado, one of Tesla’s partners, says the relationship with Tesla is still in the pilot phase. That they are still in a learning process when installing the solar roof.

The Tesla solar roof costs about $ 2.11 per watt installed, while competitors – like DelSol Power Tiles – cost about $ 7 per watt installed and Luma Solar Tiles cost about $ 4.50 per watt installed. 1 2

If you compare Tesla’s own prices between regular panels and solar roofs, you see the still sizable gap in prices per watt installed. We’re talking about the difference of $ 1.49 versus $ 2.11. It’s pretty clear that once you are happy with your roof, you don’t want to replace it with a solar roof.

In this case, it makes sense to opt for normal panels. But what if you replace your roof? Or build a new home? How does the price compare to the roof costs? Eric also had some really nice insights.

“In simple terms, it’s much more than a simple asphalt roof. It’s probably five times the cost of asphalt, maybe four times the cost of a standard asphalt roof on a typical home. But it’s not four times the cost of asphalt plus PV. “” But when you start comparing it to a premium route product like a standing seam metal, synthetic shake or slate that we make a lot of, then we do a lot. Da Vinci is a common name used to make a really nice synthetic slate product. It’s very cheap compared to premium roofs and solar panels. “” The costs are pretty much comparable. It’s a bit more than like a synthetic shake or synthetic slate. However, no PV is built into the synthetic product. So it definitely comes to the point where it gets close to these premium roof products. Premium roof plus panels are certainly very cheap. “

When looking at the cost of various solar and roof options for the home, the Tesla solar roof becomes very competitive. It costs $ 56,000, now compare that to:

1. A solar panel and a shingle roof = $ 42,000
2. Solar system and metal roof = $ 70,000
3. Solar system and tile roof = $ 111,000
4. Solar panel and slate roof = $ 134,000

Only on the basis of a comparison of the roof costs, even without additional solar radiation, is the solar roof already quite competitive with high-quality roofing materials. However, when it comes to combining high-end roofs and solar, the Tesla solar roof is incredibly convincing.

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This video was produced and published by Matt Ferrel. It was originally posted on his Undecided with Matt Ferrell YouTube channel. It was published here via partnership.

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