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The Dutch startup Solarix has developed a new range of facade solar modules, which, depending on the module size and color, have an efficiency of 13.8% and an output of 110 to 180 W. The panels can be screwed or glued onto aluminum facades.

December 15, 2020

The Dutch startup Studio Solarix has developed a new range of colored facade solar modules that are suitable for building materials such as stone, composite wood and aluminum.

The dot panel series offers an efficiency of 13.8% and an output of 110 W to 180 W, depending on the size and color of the modules. The panels are equipped with monocrystalline 6-inch solar cells with dimensions of 156.75 mm x 156.7 mm.

The frameless modules vary in length from 37.2 cm to 185 cm with widths from 34.7 cm to 120 cm. Their weight is 22.5 kg per square meter. The front cover is made of tempered low iron glass with a thickness of 4mm, while the back can be covered with a tempered black enameled glass of the same thickness or a back panel.

Reinier Bosch, Solarix co-founder

Image: Solarix

The panels also have junction boxes with the dimensions 60 mm x 60 x 11.5 mm. They can be screwed or glued to facades on aluminum facades. The products are colored with ceramic ink, which, according to the manufacturer, can ensure a long-lasting and deep color experience. The panels are available in different versions Shades of blue, green, red and gray.

“We currently manufacture in Europe, but in the near future we could also produce the panels elsewhere with licensed partners,” said the company’s co-founder, Reinier Bosch pv magazine. “We are in the process of selecting partners and we are also working on integrating more efficient solar cells or designing circular panels. The solar cells currently used in the modules are supplied by unknown manufacturers in the Netherlands and Lithuania. “

A standard panel costs around 270 euros per m2, while the most modern products – including LEDs and sensors for detecting movement, light, pollution and heat – are available for around 700 euros. “These prices are only guidelines, however, as each project has different characteristics depending on customer needs or the size of the planned solar facade,” said Bosch.

Developers have already used the panels in a 400 m2 project as well as in two other installations. “We are currently working on a further 10 projects that will be implemented this year and next,” said Bosch.

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