Cobwebs of electrical energy wires an eyesore for residents, hassle for electricians : The Tribune India

Manmeet Singh Gill

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, July 6th

The tangled power lines hanging from the utility poles and nearby transformers can prove to be as ugly as they look in your own life. In addition to being a threat to the general public, these wire cobwebs are also one of the greatest stumbling blocks in the beautification of the holy city.

Aside from the old urban areas, the same scenario can be observed in the recently developed modern locations, suggesting that newer ways of transmitting electricity have not been explored.

Certainly an eye sore, they also increase the problems faced by utility technicians who spend twice as much time fixing a power outage. When the load peaks in summer, the risk of a major disaster due to a possible short circuit also doubles if the wires heat up abnormally. In most fire accidents in particular, the short circuit of wires acts as a catalyst.

Balkar Singh, a local resident, said, “In marketplaces, many street vendors do their business by setting up temporary stands under the poles while a bundle of loose wires hovers over their heads. If only these are systematically managed, it looks good when the authorities try to transform our city into a smart city. “

The residents concerned also stated that any tall trees that touch the overhead lines should be pruned as they could carry electricity, especially during the monsoons.

A junior employee at the energy company said: “With a large number of connections from each utility pole, we often get confused. If there is a hook, we need to check all the wires, ”he said before adding,“ The condition is more worrying in the dense population of walled urban areas. “

Satnam Singh, a resident of Guru Bazar, quipped, “In a walled area of ​​the city, the lines are so tangled that if you throw something off the roof, it won’t hit the ground and get stuck in wires.” He also said that live cables leading to the first floor windows have caused many accidents. “People have to keep their windows closed or a child could touch them,” he added.

There are proposals to take over the underground service in areas where this is possible and a smart system for providing electrical connections could solve the problem. “At least in new places that are being developed, the new power supply technologies could be adopted,” said Janak Kapoor, another resident.

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