Chevy Dealerships Tap Local Electricians For Charger Install

One of the best upgrades for a new EV owner is a home charging station that allows you to easily and conveniently charge the batteries while eliminating the local plugs. For this reason, Chevrolet will cover the installation of a Tier 2 charger for eligible 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV customers in partnership with EV charger installation company Qmerit. To extend the availability of installation services, Chevy dealers are encouraged to recommend trusted local electricians.

Chevy dealerships may already have a relationship with local electricians, either as a customer of the dealership, a service provider for the dealership, or a plumber for dealership customers. For this reason, General Motors now recommends recommending trusted electricians for certification by Qmerit.

Qmerit has been Chevrolet’s preferred electrical installation services provider since 2019. Every electrician is fully licensed, fully insured, and subjected to a rigorous background check. Therefore, local electricians who want to install EV chargers at home will need Qmerit certification first.

The certification process takes approximately a week and includes a contractor’s license review, background check, and insurance review, including general liability, worker’s comp, and auto insurance.

With an expanded network of local electricians, Chevy dealers can expect new EV owners to be better assisted with their purchase.

As a reminder, Chevrolet will cover the installation costs of a level 2 charger for eligible customers of the Chevy Bolt EV 2022 and EUV Chevy Bolt 2022. To maximize the level 2 charging speed, both vehicles have a level 2 charging capacity of 11 kW, for which require separate chargers to be used.

Connected to a level 2 240 volt source, it takes approximately seven hours to go from a depleted to a full charge. The range per charge is approximately 259 miles for the Bolt EV and 247 miles for the Bolt EUV.

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