CFB plans growth with photo voltaic panels to energy 1/three of cleanroom demand

The US-based company Cleanroom Film & Bags has announced that it will expand its production and design base to meet the increased demands on high-quality, certified medical packaging

The US-based company Cleanroom Film & Bags (CFB) has announced that it will expand its production and design base to meet the increased requirements for high-quality, certified medical packaging while remaining true to its 100% American commitment.

The specialist in customized pure film packaging sees an increased demand for ISO-certified packaging from American production, as strict pharmaceutical and medical requirements have increased the need for ISO-certified medical packaging from a trustworthy partner.

This system will produce more than 160,000 watts of clean energy

“The standards for cleanroom production and products have been scrutinized,” said Aung Zeya, CFB director of business development and general manager. “We are working in a new normal with significantly accelerated schedules, but the quality cannot be compromised. That’s why we do everything here in the USA to control and check the entire process.”

From the procurement of raw materials to the adaptation of formulas, the construction of our own machines, the operation of our own tool shops, the hiring of top engineers to the printing on site: “From the hands that make our packaging to the recycling of our industrial waste we cover the entire supply chain, “Zeya said.

The creation of CFB jobs comes with facility expansion to meet growing medical and pharmaceutical packaging demands and serve the electronics, aerospace, semiconductor, luxury goods and food industries. The company expands into one of the largest clean room facilities in the country with 28,000 square meters. “Our new facility will give us the opportunity not only to grow into new markets, but also into new machines and human resources,” said Jim Fruth, CFB CEO.

The Orange County campus, which is currently under construction, is due to open in spring 2021 and will provide the machines for plastics engineering and production as well as space for sustainable collaboration.

The establishment

Fruth serves on the leadership board of the Dean of Cal Poly College of Engineering to mentor young engineers. In the past eight years, he has taught or hired more than 25 students and graduates. The new facility will function like an innovation learning laboratory, with the engineering, quality control and manufacturing departments staffed with top talent driving new plastic solutions for lean manufacturing and quality control.

With 440 solar panels, the new facility will be one of Orange County’s largest solar systems, generating a third of the cleanroom facility’s energy.

“This system will produce more than 160,000 watts of clean energy, saving more than 45% of our energy costs,” said Brian Kunisch, CFO CFO. “This will allow CFB to continue to offer cleanroom products at an affordable price that matches both US and overseas medical, aerospace, and electronics products.”

Cleanrooms of the future will enable CFB to implement its long-term vision of customer-specific solutions, high-quality products and innovative engineering know-how from 2021 to 2041. Fruth said: “We will be up to date with the latest machines and processes and provide new impulses.” Innovation in a new year and a new normal. “

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