Central Coast residents can get their solar panels cleaned for free; here’s how

Courtesy of AM Sun Solar

– Anyone who has installed a solar system in their home can qualify for a free cleaning of the solar modules by AM Sun Solar, regardless of whether they are a current customer or not! This limited-time promotion can be claimed by sending referrals to AM Sun Solar.

This recommendation-based program is part of AM Sun Shine, a new cleaning and maintenance service recently introduced by AM Sun Solar. This free cleaning campaign is only active until April 31, 2021. Therefore, residents are encouraged to send their recommendations soon to take advantage of their free cleaning of the solar panels.

This is how it works:

  1. You refer a friend, family member, or colleague to operate AM Sun Solar Solar
  2. You will receive a proposal from AM Sun Solar
  3. You get a free solar cleaning!

Here’s a bonus: if the person you refer to gets with AM Sun Solar Solar, you get $ 500. Ready to refer? Send us your recommendations and request your free cleaning. Terms and conditions may apply.

Visit amsunsolar.com for more information.

About AM Sun Shine

As part of AM Sun Solar’s commitment to provide the highest quality service and optimized solar system performance, AM Sun Solar has launched its new solar panel cleaning and maintenance program, AM Sun Shine. The terms and conditions for this service may apply depending on roofs, houses on the second floor, property locations and security risks.

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