Ceiling Fan Not Cooling You Off? Perhaps It is Spinning within the Improper Path

Ceiling fans are not only suitable for hot summer days. They can also be used in winter to circulate warm air from the ceiling. However, if you’ve found your fan to work better on cold days than hot, you may just have it on the wrong setting as suggested on the Spark Energy blog.

According to the Energy Star, ceiling fans should be set to spin counterclockwise during summer to create a cool downward breeze. If you can’t feel this movement of air while standing under your ceiling fan, it’s likely spinning in the wrong direction.

Turning a fan clockwise will make your room feel warmer instead of cooling it down. A slow clockwise rotation can create an updraft in the room, pushing warm air down from the ceiling, making you feel a little roasted underneath.

With some newer fans, you can also change the direction of rotation by remote control. If your fan doesn’t, this is still a relatively simple solution. With most fans, you can change the direction of rotation with a switch on the fan motor. Make sure the fan is completely off and has stopped spinning. Then take a chair or ladder and locate the switch, which is often near the pull cord.

In both seasons of the year, turning on your ceiling fan can save you energy by limiting the amount of heating and air conditioning without sacrificing your comfort. If you use a ceiling fan, you can turn up your air conditioner setting to around 4 ° F without noticing a difference in comfort, according to the US Department of Energy.

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[h/t Spark Energy]

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