BSES installs over 3,000 rooftop photo voltaic panels, plans for 1,000 more- The New Indian Categorical

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NEW DELHI: BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) have supplied 3,140 solar systems on the roof with a connected solar load of 106 megawatts peak (MWp) in the state capital.

The discoms, which have aggressively promoted the solar roofs in South, West, East and Central Delhi, plan to supply over 1,000 solar roof connections on the roof with electricity in the next financial year.

The response to the measurement of the solar grid on the roof was incredibly encouraging. Consumers in various categories including residential, educational and commercial establishments have warmed to rooftop measurement of solar grids in a big way.

Most of the solar grid measurement connections on the roof are in the domestic area (1805), followed by educational institutions (655), commercial institutions (554), industrial companies (35) and others (91).

Based on the activated solar load, the largest category is education (43 MWp), followed by commercial (28 MWp), private (23 MWp), industrial (3 MWp) and others (3 MWp).

Rooftop Solar is a huge success in the Cooperative Group Housing Societys (CGHS) segments. Around 90 companies and apartment complexes have opted for this with a sanctioned load of over 5 MWp.

A BSES spokesperson said the Discom is leading efforts to accelerate the adoption of solar roofs in the city to realize its full potential.

“Our Solar City initiative promises to be a pioneer. The solar outreach program also informs consumers about the benefits of solar energy while ensuring strict compliance with the quality standards of the installed systems. It also facilitates various funding options, ”the official said.

By opting for solar roofs, consumers in the commercial category are estimated to save around 25.8 billion rupees annually, followed by educational institutions (23.73 billion rupees) and private consumers (9.8 billion rupees).

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