Bob Dunning: ‘Flying’ bishop drops in for holy solar panels

SPRINKLES FROM HEAVEN … I’ve heard of flying nuns, but a flying bishop can be more than I can envelop my soul.

“Flying Bishop to Bless Solar Panels to Celebrate Davis Zero-Carbon Church,” read the headline in the press release announcing another event only in Davis.

“Rt. Rev. Megan M. Traquair, Bishop of Northern California Diocese for Episcopal Church, will bless the solar panels at Episcopal Church of St. Martin, Davis on April 11,” the publication begins.

“The blessing of Bishop Megan is to sprinkle holy water in her full robes onto the panels from the top of a scissor platform.”

Given that we are facing another drought, any moisture that falls from the sky is to be greeted with enthusiasm.

“It will celebrate Davis Church that is reducing its carbon footprint to zero by replacing all gas appliances on campus with electric ones and installing solar panels to meet all energy needs. It will be part of a month of events dedicated to “Caring for God’s Creation” in St. Martin. This month, Earth Day is also celebrated around the world. “

Rev. Dr. Pamela Dolan of St. Martin’s: “We hope that our church can inspire other churches, denominations, corporations, individuals, and our state and federal governments to take the courageous steps necessary to care for God’s creation.”

I may need the approval of the Vatican to see this event at noon, but in the spirit of ecumenism I am confident that I will be there.

GEORGIA IN MY THOUGHTS … Nice to see that the kind and compassionate people in Georgia state law have decided to outlaw something called “pipe warming,” the practice of people standing in line to vote with To provide food or water.

Georgian lawmakers claim the warming of the pipes constitutes a bribe, although there is no evidence that anyone was forced to vote for any particular candidate before receiving a mouthful of ice water.

As Rev. Tim McDonald of First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta states, “You know something is wrong when you can’t give Grandma a bottle of water or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”


Exceptions to the no-food-or-drink rule are the cucumber from a chick-fil-a sandwich, the hole from a Krispy Kreme donut, grits from the waffle house, pecan cake made from pecans from Georgia, a bottle of Coca-Cola , a peanut from Jimmy Carter’s farm, and a freshly picked Georgia peach.

If you provide other food or drink to someone waiting in line to vote, you end up in the Pokey.

Some people are suggesting extending the pipe warming ban to all 50 states by urging Americans not to eat or drink any products made, grown, or headquartered in the state of Georgia.

SUEZ SOLUTION … According to Peter Berdowski, CEO of the Dutch company Royal Boskalis, which was tasked with clearing the Ever Given in the Suez Canal, “it came down to physics.”

You think?

A STAR IS BORN … Have played in Aggie’s last two home games at the lonely UC Davis Health Stadium, where no fans were allowed and therefore no crowd noise. (Fans will be back this weekend.)

One of the highlights, however, was the public address by a Spencer Bowen who is clearly ready for the big time. Spencer had experience in this field as a student at Cal, but has now taken his skills to a significantly higher level.

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