Beijing-based firm supplies photo voltaic panels to 88MW Guam challenge | Guam Enterprise

The South Korean company that the Guam Power Authority selected to build an 88 megawatt solar park on Guam bought the solar modules to complete the project from a company in China.

“Beijing-based JA Solar recently announced that it has delivered all of the photovoltaic modules required to complete an 88-megawatt project in Guam,” Beijing-based JA Solar announced on PRNewswire.

The project invested and built by Korea Electric Power will be the largest single solar power plant in Guam, according to JA Solar.

With the strong winds from Guam, according to JA Solar, “the project places more stringent requirements than usual on the mechanical stress on the rear and the rate of degradation of the module.”

“After communicating and comparing products from several module manufacturers, Korea Electric Power finally selected JA Solar as the exclusive module supplier for the project,” announced the Beijing-based company.

Largest power plant project is coming up

A consortium made up of Korea Electric Power Corp. and Korea East-West Power won an order from the Guam Power Authority in 2019 to invest in Guam’s largest power plant that will use low-sulfur diesel or liquefied natural gas. The consortium will get its investment back by selling its energy to GPA.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction recently announced that it will be the consortium contractor to build Guam’s largest 200 megawatt power plant in the Ukudu area in Dededo, next to the northern sewage treatment plant.

Doosan’s contract, valued at an estimated $ 560 million, includes the construction of the power plant, which will provide approximately 40% of Guam’s electricity needs.

As a contractor, Doosan will be responsible for all processes from plant construction to manufacturing, installing and commissioning plants, according to a Doosan statement dated December 21, 2020, with the plan to complete plant construction by 2024. “

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