Ballparks of America is putting in about 1,200 new photo voltaic panels to its roof forward of opening day this spring

Branson, Mon. (KY3) – More than 180 teams are slated for this season, and the lights that shine on them are powered by the sun.

General Manager Scott Bailes told KY3 News that the new solar project is a significant upfront investment but will save up to $ 5,000 per month in the long run.

With the savings, they could provide a better experience for the players and families who come here. They plan to add a new restaurant for diners, a laser tag, and a new ice cream parlor.

“When we have thirty teams on campus and fifteen interns and the concessions are open and the cafeteria is up, our utility bills are so high that it’s a great investment and what the owners want to do, the savings we are going to see in the sun who want to put them back in this complex, ”said Bailes.

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