American Residence Power Audit Supplies Habitat for Humanity with In-kind Donation of LED Lighting for First Ever “Internet-Zero” Residence

“Our in-kind donations ensure that our house building costs stay low so well-deserved families can buy a Habitat home every year.” – Mark Turbak, Twin Cities Habitat for Mankind

The Minneapolis-based American Home Energy Audit supports Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity with energy-saving LED lighting for its first “Net-Zero” home (ZEH), which is currently being built in North Minneapolis.

Currently, Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the state are trying to maintain the long-term affordability of the homes they build while keeping upfront costs down. The aim is not only to promote the feasibility of a ZEH, but also the concepts and materials required for its construction.

Each zero net energy home is designed to be small, simple in size and orientation that takes full advantage of natural sunlight. These two design elements have low upfront costs and in many cases even save money. From there, the house has a high level of insulation and highly efficient windows. As a result, the house itself does not need a lot of energy for heating or cooling. This way, the energy generating source – solar panels – doesn’t have to be very large to meet the homeowner’s energy needs.

“We are very fortunate to have generous in-kind donations such as American Home Energy Audit,” said Mark Turbak, Habitat employee. “Our donations in kind ensure that our house building costs stay low so that more deserving families can buy a Habitat house every year.”

Rylee Meek, President of the American Home Energy Audit, said, “Our ongoing support for Habitat for Humanity is simple: helping families focus on enjoying their new home. When a family is not concerned about rising energy costs must, then a certain peace of mind and a sense of security every month goes a long way. “

About Twin Cities Habitat: Twin Cities Habitat is committed to building homes that are both affordable and environmentally conscious. We have built 268 ENERGY STAR qualified homes and completed 12 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) homes.

Media contact: Matt Haugen, communications manager for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

matt.haugen (at) tchabitat (dot) org 612-305-7126 (office) 612-239-6426 (cell)

About the American Home Energy Audit: The Minneapolis-based American Home Energy Audit provides resources for customer energy solution needs. The company provides resources for those interested in cutting their energy bills, preserving the planet, and for those looking for tips on how to live a greener lifestyle.

Media contact: Camille Benoit, camille (at) speed-3 (dot) com. (612) 210-8828.

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