Abbotsford’s Red Ryno Energy has won the 2021 ThreeBestRated® award for one of the Top Rated Electricians

Red Ryno Energy has won the ThreeBestRated® Award 2021 for one of the top rated electricians in Abbotsford, BC. ThreeBestRated® is an independent ranking website that lists the top three companies, restaurants, hospitals, professionals, etc.

Red Ryno Energy passed a thorough 50-point exam to be listed as one of the top three. “We are very proud to be on ThreeBestRated®,” said Avinash Bath, co-founder of Red Ryno Energy.

“It’s something we’ve been striving for for a while and it’s amazing to be recognized in Abbotsford as a leader in electrician services. We believe third party validation is vital for any business out there. This is as objective as it gets. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves and acknowledge us for our delivery. We want to be here every year, ”he adds.

Your history:

Both Avinash and its partner Sunny Bath have interesting and diverse backgrounds. “In our younger years we always did work. We’ve done everything from demolition projects – where we throw rubble through concrete buildings while jackhammers and sledgehammers – to installing insulation – probably the most itchy and uncomfortable job there is, ”he remembers his past.

“I pursued my Red Seal Electrician designation and worked as a professional electrician on industrial and commercial projects for a decade before starting Red Ryno Energy. And my partner did his BBA in finance and worked for nearly a decade in the tech industry, building mostly Fortune 500 businesses, ”explains Avinash.

Red Ryno Energy:

As electricians in Abbotsford and the greater Fraser Valley area, they have focused on getting started easily and have expanded their portfolio to deliver electrical innovations that are essentially sustainable and energy efficient. “It’s funny sometimes because people first call an electrician and slowly realize that we are much more than that. We are real professionals in the electrical industry. We’ve had simple assignments in residential areas that led us to completely different projects that take us to different parts of BC, ”notes Avinash.

From traditional electrical projects and building optimization projects to solar energy projects (solar parks and solar panel roofs), they offer all kinds of services.

Smart home technology:

Smart home technology is one of the special services that they offer. “We are very competent in which technologies make the most sense and how a house or building can be properly wired for the data infrastructure and entertaining and innovative smart home technology can be set up. We even wire new homes with data cables all over the house, even if they don’t want to install the smart technology right away. They want to make sure they have the infrastructure to adopt smart home technology if they sell the house or continue to live in it, ”explains Avinash.

He also has some exciting plans for 2021. “We plan to continue where we saw an opportunity and a need for our skills. In particular, we plan to expand our presence in the market for smart home installations and offer energy-efficient electrical solutions, ”he says.

To find out more about Red Ryno Energy and its services, or to request a quote, visit

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