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Homeowners usually overlook their attics because they are usually habitable, but like the other rooms in your home, they still need to be kept clean. Learning how to properly maintain your attic is easy – it’s time to stop neglecting this area of ​​your home. Use our guide below to make sure you are properly looking after your attic.

Clean the roof fan

A fan is an essential part of attic ventilation, so you should pay some attention to it. Make sure you oil your fan and clean the blades and shutters once a year. By keeping an eye on this maintenance, you can ensure that your fan is performing as it should, year round.

Repair cracks and leaks

A leaky roof encourages mold growth and can also release allergens into your home. Check your attic for cracks which, if left untreated, can lead to numerous structural problems elsewhere in your living space. Also, have a professional inspect your roof regularly for damaged or missing shingles.

Keep it isolated

It is important to properly insulate your home as it will help your home save energy and maximize comfort. Plus, it can even extend the life of your roof. Although you may already have insulation, it may be damaged or old. So check them regularly. If necessary, replace your insulation – you should always have enough and it should always be tight.

Remove pests

There is no question that insects and rodents can do significant damage to your attic. If you suspect there are living things in this part of your home, call a team of professionals to remove them safely and effectively.

Look out for asbestos immediately

If your insulation contains asbestos, you need to take care of it immediately. Since asbestos is very dangerous, removing asbestos will ensure your family’s safety. However, you should never dispose of it yourself – give someone who specializes in asbestos removal a call to do this for you.

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