A Tesla Van With Photo voltaic Panels Is a Risk, Elon Musk Tells Joe Rogan

The idea that Tesla could build a van has been around for years, and all along it has been partially endorsed by the CEO himself, Elon Musk. In his last conversation with Joe Rogan, Musk goes back to that to say that Tesla could safely build a van. More importantly, this van could have solar panels on the roof.

Musk has already abandoned the idea of ​​electric vehicles with solar panels for good reason: the surface area of ​​the modules is not large enough to generate enough electricity to justify the additional cost. In other words, customers would pay more for the panels than they would be worth in terms of lowering operating costs. That would change with a van, he explains.

“Well, a van, because you have a large, flat area, solar could actually make a little more sense. You know because you have a lot of space, ”says Musk. “Maybe you could also have a roof that’s solar on, and then when it’s stationary, [the roof] go out there and shade and maybe triple your area or something. If you triple the area and have a large, flat surface, you might be able to charge enough by the time you get to 30 miles [48.2 km] a day.”

In other words, you could add an awning that serves two purposes: increasing the surface area of ​​solar panels and providing shade. In theory, this would work and make the van completely independent. “Even if the apocalypse happens,” jokes Musk.

On the other hand, if the apocalypse happens, a van is not the ideal getaway vehicle, regardless of whether it is made by Tesla or not. The cybertruck is.

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